We get it, you’re gay

Things queer people really, really don’t want to hear? That line above.

We keep hearing about how the world is more accepting, that it’s much easier to be ourselves, that there’s less prejudice (there isn’t), and how we’re just “normal” now.

It’s all code for “We get it already, now shut up”.

The problem is, queer people have been othered for so long that being queer is a huge part of our lives and personalities, and we can’t just switch it off because it annoys you.

The reason we should about more visibly queer media is because, despite all your assurances that we’re “normal now”, the default representation is still cisgender heterosexual (and 99% of the time white too).

You don’t get to decide that we’re “too gay”, that we’re “too in your face”, that we’re “making noise over nothing”. We get to decide that, and until we truly feel that we’re being treated with the respect and dignity we deserve, we will continue to be queer in your face. Get used to it, and step up. The more you help, the better the world will be.

Listen to queer voices, share queer media, take a step back from showing the cishet white narrative and show us something different.

Act like you damn well care.

Here is Ashley Mardell being a hundred times more articulate that I will ever manage.

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