Election Blues

You’re not getting a clever post from me this week. It’s Brexit all over again, but on a world wide scale, and right now we need to step back, regroup, take care of each other, and then start fighting back against the fascism that is taking over the world.

Because that is exactly what it is. Between the rise of Farage, Marine le Pen, the right wing movement in the Netherlands, Putin having some difficulty remembering where his borders actually are, and now Trump storming to power on a wave of white supremacy, we are facing fascism on a scale we haven’t seen in 100 years.

And yes, though I am not going to say the word, I am referring to that party.

This is how it starts: it’s all pomp and show, but then people start to believe. More scarily, people start to believe it’s not something to worry about, so they don’t bother doing anything to stop it. And suddenly the laughable bigots have power, and the place goes to hell.

And really, it’s not Trump we have to be afraid of: we should be afraid of the people who’s beliefs he’s a mouthpiece for. The KKK that were marching the morning after the election, the right wing so in love with their guns that they tried to take them into the elementary school that was being used as a polling station.

The people who were out in the streets, with weapons, crying for the removal, and in some cases deaths, of anyone who wasn’t cishet and white.

Those are the truly dangerous people, and now their party has majority control in America. 

We are about to have a day THIS FUCKING WEEK where we remember those who gave their lives last time, to honour those, like my gran, who are still living, and yet we let this happen.

We have a chance to learn and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Let’s show we have progressed as much as we claim we have, and use our voices to make a difference.

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