Oh Joy Sex Toy!

Warning: the website I am talking about is entirely NSFW, so if you’re worried about that sort of thing, don’t open the links on a work computer. You’ve been warned, it’s not my fault if you get caught.

This is absolutely a love letter to the site of the above name, the work of Erika Moen and Matt Nolan.
I mean, how can you not love a sex positive web comic with a name like that? 

And really, I love this site so much.

You will find it here: Oh Joy Sex Toy!

So what is it? Oh Joy Sex Toy is a webcomic that reviews sex toys, gives information about various issues related to sexual health, explains fetishes, and has the odd smutty strip just to shake things up.

It’s also very sex positive: the language used is very inclusive, and the strips include the Masturbateers: they are folx of all genders, shapes, sexualities, races and abilities, and it is through them that we are told the information relevant to that strip’s topic.

Also they are super damn cute.

It’s a great resource, because nothing about it is patronising, and I’ve learned loads from it. It’s very clear Erika and Matt do their research, and where they don’t have the experience, they get guest experts and artists to talk about the topic, which means all the info is genuine. It’s nice to read other voices too, there’s a great blend of folx with work on the site.

Can you tell I love it? 

There are also books! Volume 3 just finished its kickstarter (I have my copy, and it’s gorgeous) and all 3 will be available to buy as a set from next week. There are a few exclusives just for the books, but it’s really nice to have a collection you can just take down from the shelf.

Though my mum did open my post, and we got to have a fun conversation. I think she thinks I’m a pervert, and that is entirely fine by me.

But yes, if you have even a passing interest in sex, I recommend having a wee look at the site. It’s all sorted into categories, so you can find strips specific to your tastes, or you can just scroll through and get a selection.

Some of my favourites are: 

Pelvic Exam
Pierre Packer

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