Punching Nazis

[TW fascism, racism, homophobia, violence]

I’m writing this about an hour after it was announced that the vote to give Theresa May the mandate to trigger Article 50 succeeded in its second reading was announced, so I am very angry.

Though props to Stephen Gethins, who is my MP and has spent the last week telling the Tories that their lack of white paper is shite. Well done for doing what you were elected for.

So, the title of this post might seem hyperbole, but it really really isn’t. This post is 100% about punching nazis.

Literally punching nazis too. Because nazis are violent fuckers, and deserve to have their faces meet fists.

And I understand that it’s not possible for everyone, and that’s cool too. But here’s the thing: for too long we as a world have sat back and downplayed nazi statements and doctrine, and suddenly they’re in power and everyone’s terrified.

Everyone is also complicit.

And no, I won’t call them the “alt-right”, because that is bullshit. These people are full on queer bashing, racist, violent nazis. Call an apple an apple and all that.

This is disjointed because my head is all over the place, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

We absolutely need to fight back against nazis, because shutting them down before they get a chance to exert their power is the only way to beat them. All this “well, free speech and all that” bullshit gets people killed. People like Spencer don’t deserve a platform when they use that platform to advocate for Black genocide.

The biggest disappointment with him is that he’s only been punched twice.

We can see in LIVING HISTORY what happens when these people get into power and start to exert their will on the world. There are people still alive who bear the tattoos from the concentration camps they survived. And we let the GOP and Farage’s gang get into power all over again.

We are complicit in this.

So it’s time to stop sitting on our hands, and “let’s just see what happens, it can’t be that bad” rhetoric. That inaction is all they need to grab power, because you can bet your buttons their supporters won’t sit back and relax.

So we march. We make our voice heard. We inundate our representatives and let them know that this WILL. NOT. STAND. And if you can, you punch nazis.

Some general guidance for protesting:

  1. Make sure someone knows where you are going, and what time you should be coming back. If possible, leave your phone behind, but write important numbers somewhere on your body if you can’t memorise them.
  2. Stay warm; it is pretty chilly in Scotland, and I know it’s colder other places (THANK YOU CANADA). This can also double up as a way to protect your identity, which leads on to:
  3. Don’t take and share pictures without permission. You don’t know who you’re putting in danger when you do this. Don’t check in at protest locations during the march itself, as you’re likely letting unsavoury types know exactly where you are. It might sound paranoid, but there are people who trawl social media looking for people to harass and assault.
  4. You don’t have to give police any information unless they arrest you, and then it depends on where you’re from. Look up the procedures and your rights before you march.
  5. If you are going to punch nazis, well done you. Be clever about it. Make sure you have a safe exit route away from their nazi buddies (they always travel in packs), preferably disappearing into a crowd to make you harder to trace. Make sure your hands and face are covered, to protect you from injury. Here’s a handy guide on the best way to punch nazi faces:


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